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We know our business, and we know as well who is good enough to be recommended. We have initiated a list of possible collaborations so that you can have multiple options for your best stay even better with the great variety of services has to offer.


We have launched a formal collaboration program with the "Casp 74" apartments


The "Casp 74" apartments are characterized by their spacious spaces, the quality of their services and their great location. Fortunately, they are only a few steps away from our apartments. We’ve been working with them for several years now, but because you demanded it, we are now formalizing this relationship!


What does a collaboration with "Casp 74" mean?


1) From now on, large groups will be able to stay in close neighborhoods without having to travel long distances.


2) You can book directly with Watermelon and we will organize the stay, number of rooms, rate, etc.


3) You will receive a preferential rate.


4) We will use the "Watermelon" and "Casp 74" platform to give you twice as many attentions.


All this will result in comfort, tranquility and, above all, freedom to enjoy beautiful Barcelona.

Confort Apartments 1 bedroom

45-m² apartment with a spacious bedroom and full en-suite bathroom, living/dining room and kitchen. 

Ideal for business trips or a romantic getaway with your partner.

Standard Apartments 2 bedrooms

Standard apartments are fully equipped, with intricately detailed decoration and top-quality finishes. 

They are between 55m² and 65m² in area and have 2 bedrooms, full bathroom, living/dining room and kitchen. 

Ideal for 3 adults or two adults and one child.

Chic Apartments 2 bedrooms Deluxe

The apartment has an area of 90m², has two bedrooms one with a double bed and the other with a bank bed, each with their own full bathroom, plus a guest bathroom, a large, bright living/dining room and an open-plan kitchen. 

Ideal for couples with children or groups of friends.

Imperial Apartments 3 bedrooms

A maisonette apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a WC, a large, cheerful living area and an open-plan kitchen. 

What makes the apartment unique, however, is the garden, the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful dinner, to relax and sunbathe, or to play with the children. 

Maximum capacity: 5 people

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