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Our team is very focused on the guest's demands and needs and always does the utmost to fulfill any desires, with a very personal touch, that defines Watermelon's identity. We provide you all information you may need during your stay and we offer any kind of special services from the first step during the booking, to the check-out, and even after.

As a personal tailor cuts the dress to his customer sizes so we prepare the holiday to our traveler needs and wishes: this is our main policy. The inside design of our rooms was therefore personalized with a modern, comfortable, practical and charming twist to fit all spaces at its best.

Our experience and knowledge of Barcelona ensure great appreciation by the guests for the tips we give to enjoy the city as well as people from Barcelona.
Tourists, students, business-man and anybody who is planning to move for short-term or long-term period in Barcelona will be given all the tips and helped, so that Barcelona will be their best stay ever.


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